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Important Web sites:

Association of Ontario Land Economists (AOLE) www.aole.org
Building Owners and Managers Association of Toronto (BOMA) www.boma.org
Canadian Institute of Public Real Estate Companies (CIPREC) www.cipprec.ca
Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute (CIREI, CCIM) www.ccim.com
Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) www.crea.ca
Commercial Source www.CommercialSource.com
Corporate Real Estate Network (CORENET) www.corenetcanada.com
Durham Region Real Estate Board (DRREB) www.durhamrealestate.org
Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance (GTMA) www.greatertoronto.org
Hanscomb Limited www.hanscomb.com
[ ICX ] Operated and owned by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) www.icx.ca
International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) www.icsc.org
International Development Research Council (IDRC) www.idrc.org
International Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives (NACORE) www.nacore.com
The National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) www.naiop.org
National Commercial Council of the Canadian Real Estate Association www.icx.ca
Ontario Association- Appraisal Institute of Canada (OAAIC) www.oaaic.co.ca
Ontario Investment Service (OIS) www.2ontario.com
Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) www.orea.com
Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) www.reic.ca
Real Estate Council of OntarioÓ (RECO) www.reco.on.ca
Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) www.sior.com
Toronto Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), www.torontocrew.org
More WEB links (calculators and Much more)
Government of Canada www.canada.gc.ca
Government of Ontario www.gov.on.ca
Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Regional Governments:
Durham Region www.region.durham.on.ca
Halton Region www.region.halton.on.ca
Peel Region www.region.peel.on.ca
York Region www.region.york.on.ca
GTA Municipal Governments:
Ajax www.town.ajax.on.ca
Aurora www.town.aurora.on.ca
Brampton www.city.brampton.on.ca
Brock www.durham-info.com/brock
Burlington www.city.burlington.on.ca
Caledon www.town.caledon.on.ca
Clarington www.municipality.clarington.on.ca
East Gwillimbury www.eastgwillimbury.ca
Georgina www.town.georgina.on.ca
Halton Hills www.town.halton-hills.on.ca
King www.township.king.on.ca
Markham www.city.markham.on.ca
Milton www.town.milton.on.ca
Mississauga www.city.mississauga.on.ca
Newmarket www.town.newmarket.on.ca
Oakville www.town.oakville.on.ca
Oshawa www.city.oshawa.on.ca
Pickering www.town.pickering.on.ca
Richmond Hill www.town.richmond-hill.on.ca
Scugog www.durham-info.com/Scugog
Toronto www.city.toronto.ca
Uxbridge www.uxbridge.com
Vaughan www.city.vaughan.on.ca
Whitby www.town.whitby.on.ca
Whitchurch-Stouffville www.townofws.com

More WEB links (calculators and Much more)

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Royal Lepage Reports



Home Buyers Plan Jun 10, 2009

CAAMP Report

News From REM Magazine

CAAMP Survey Results

PROPERTY TAX RATES  Check with the appropriate city tax department for more information on 2009 property tax rates.Please note: The tax rates posted here are for the most common rate classifications. Tax rates for other property classes can be obtained by contacting the local Municipality’s Treasury Department. Information updated as we receive.
Tax Rates 2009
Tax Rates 2008
Tax Rates 2007
Tax Rates 2006
Tax Rates 2005
Tax Rates 2004
Tax Rates 2003
Tax Rates 2002

Credit History

Trans Union

Financial Information

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Genworth Financial
Central Bank of Canada
BMO – Bank of Montreal
TD Canada Trust
Royal Bank Canada

Local Information

Ontario Government
Toronto Parks and Recreation
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
School Information

Ontario College Information
Ontario Ministry of Education
Peel District Schools
Private Schools
Toronto District School Boards


Bell Canada
Canada Post
GO Transit
Highway 407 Express Toll Route
Rogers Cable
Toronto Hydro
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

Ministry of Transportation

Regional Governments

Durham Region
Halton Region
Peel Region
York Region

Government Web Site Addresses

Government of Canada
Government of Ontario

Municipal Governments

East Gwillimbury
Halton Hills
Richmond Hill

Local Boards of Trades
Canadian Real Estate Boards
Mortgage & Loan CalculatorsMortgage Amortization Schedule Calculator 
Quick Mortgage Calculator

Calculate various aspects of your mortgage with with quick calculator.Mortgage Debt Services Ratios Calculator
For mortgages, determine your gross debt service and total debt service ratio.

Home Ownership -What it costs
Determine the amount that you will need to own your dream home.

Credit Card Costs Calculator
If you’re one of the few people who pay their bills in full each month, this tool will identify the credit cards which carry no annual fee. But, if you are like the rest of us who do not pay our bills in full, this tool will tell you just how much you’re paying for that card. It is estimated that over eight million Canadians do not pay their credit card bills in full at the end of each month.

Mortgage Pay down Calculator
Determine the additional payment needed to pay off a mortgage earlier.

Rent or Sell a home planner
Illustrate the difference between renting a dwelling and owning a house.

Qualifying for a Mortgage Calculator
Determine the approximate mortgage amount that you would qualify for.

Financial Service Charge Calculator
If you have a chequing or savings account at a Canadian financial institution, this calculator will allow you to compare your monthly service. charges with those you would pay for various accounts or service packages at other financial institutions.

Savings & Investments Calculators
Illustrate the monthly payment schedule for mortgages of varying amounts.
Rate and Return Interest CalculatorDisplays accrued interest on differing amounts of capital over specific amounts of time.
GICs Rate and Return ComparisonIllustrates the accrued interest on 2 different rates with varying terms and interest rates on various deposit levels.
Investments & Regular Deposits

Illustrate the annual growth of an investment using regular deposits.
Investments & Regular Deposits Comparison

Find the inflated value over a period of time of an amount you specify.
Inflation Calculator

Discover the benefits of beginning a regular investment plan early in life.
Advantage of Early Investing

Short/Long Term Rate Comparison
Compare the returns of two fixed income investments of varying terms and rates.
Investments & Regular WithdrawalsShow the growth and income stream produced using regular withdrawals.
Investment & Regular Withdrawals Comparison

Assets & Liabilities Worksheets

Adjusted Cost Base & Capital Gain / Loss Calculator

Find the ACB and list the capital gains or losses sustained from a series of trades you specify.
The MANAGER Net Worth Calculator
Net Worth Calculator (Short Form)
Determine net worth using a abbreviated version of the long form calculator.
Life insurance protection worksheet
Determine the amount of life insurance needed to provide for your dependents.
 Net Income Calculator
Determine you monthly net income by calculating your monthly expenses.
Useful calculators and Sites
Stock Market Yellow Pages
Search descriptions of public companies.Ontario Savings Bond Calculator
Calculate the value of an Ontario Savings Bond using varying bond types, amounts, series and interest calculation methods.Canada Savings Bond Value Calculator
Determine the result of investing in a Canada Savings Bond over various lengths of time. Features CSB series beginning in 1989.

Canada Savings Bond recorder
Record the important details of up to 10 of your Canada Savings Bond investments. Print this summary for your records.

Canada Deposit Insurance Coverage Calculator
Calculate the amount of applicable deposit insurance available through the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation.

RRSP Calculator
Determine the amount of tax savings arising from various RRSP contribution amounts, based on taxable income.

Bank of Canada Currency Calculator
Perform conversions for currencies of numerous countries, using dates ranging from 1990 to present.

Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator
Using CPI data, compare the cost of goods purchased in different years. Choose years ranging from 1914 to present.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

Obtain information about funding available for post-secondary education through OSAP. Re-payment information also available.

Visit this health e-store to purchase products normally available through drugstores. Features news topics and health quizzes.

Government Forms
Common Canada Customs & Revenue Forms
Ontario Public Guardian Forms
Transfer Authorization for Registered Investments (T2033)

 Following Government Forms Can be obtained from the following links1.Old Age Security Application Kit, Pension Plan Retirement Pension Kit
2.Estimate Request for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Retirement Pension
3.Application for Foreign Benefits under an Agreement on Social SecurityPension Application forms
SIN Application

Interesting Calculators
Body Mass Index Calculator
Many insurance companies now use Body Mass Index as a pre-screening question for critical illness insurance. You can see if you’ll have a problem here.The Longevity Game
Play The Longevity Game and calculate how long you can expect to live based on life insurance industry research. Everyone starts with the average life expectancy of 73 years and adds or subtracts years from their score as they respond to The Longevity Game questions.
Top 10 Energy & Water Saving Tips in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Map of the Week
Map of the Week: Grow operations CLICK
Map of the week: Public safety
(A weekly maps helping explain life in the GTA and beyond)
MTO MINISTRY INFORMATION:The contact information provided are for those locations closest to your new home.
Change of address for your (1) Driver’s License, (2) Vehicle Registration and (3) OHIP may be done at a kiosk or online:
website: www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/kiosk/Driver’s License and vehicle registration change of address forms can be completed and submitted online:
website: www.mto.gov.on.ca
Online Form: http://www.ccr.gov.on.ca/Online_Services/english/address_change.htm

Health Card change of address forms can only be printed, not submitted online.
Mail to:
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Toronto 2195 Yonge Street (south of Eglinton)
M5W 1G9
Hours of Operation:
Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri: 8:30 AM- 5:30 PM
Wed: 8:30 AM- 6:30 PM
Info Line: 416-314-5518 (Toronto)
Three pieces of identification are required for demonstrating:
Status in Canada
Legal name and signature
Residency in Ontario
Website: www.mto.gov.on.ca/health.
Online Form: http://www.ccr.gov.on.ca/Online_Services/english/address_change.htm


The following information is to change your address on existing newspaper subscriptions, or to purchase a new subscription:
The Globe and Mail
Telephone: 416-585-5222
Change of address: http://secure.theglobeandmail.com/gam/services/circulation/address.html
New subscriptions: http://secure.theglobeandmail.com/gam/services/circulation/subscription.html
The Toronto Star
Telephone: 416-367-4500
Change of address: Email: circmail@thestar.ca
New subscriptions: http://secure.thestar.com/subscribe/index.html
The National Post
Telephone: 1-800-668-7678
Change of address: Email: Custerv@nationalpost.com
New Subscriptions: http://www.nationalpost.com/subscriptions/customerservicemain.html
The Toronto Sun
Telephone: 416-335-4837
Change of address: Email: torcirc.subscript@tor.sunpub.com
New subscriptions: http://www.canoe.ca/TorontoCirculation/subscribe.html

Government Programs for Home Buyers and Property Owners
A home is usually the single largest investment that most people make in their lives. Achieving your dream can be made easier by taking advantage of various Government Programs for home buyers and property owners. Some of the programs are targeted to first-time buyers, while others apply more generally. Other programs benefit those in the industrial, commercial and multi-unit property market. Your REALTOR can provide information on these programs and help you to determine your eligibility.
Government Programs for Home Buyers
Government Programs for Property Owners

Home Buying Step By Step
A comprehensive description of each step in the home buying process.

Condominium Buyers’ Guide
This Guide provides a general overview of the purchase of condominiums and identifies important questions to ask and the people you should be asking.

Your Next Move: Choosing a Neighbourhood with Sustainable Features
How to identify neighbourhood features that benefit you and the environment.

About Your House: Understanding Your New Home Sales Contract
If you are planning on buying a brand-new home, you will have to sign a fairly complex sales contract. Understand what you are facing with this clear and helpful guide.

About Your House: Selecting a New Home Builder
Everything you need to know about choosing a new home builder, from deciding what kind of home you want to signing the papers, and after sale service.

About Your House: Buying a House With a Well and Septic System
If you are buying a home with a well or septic system, this document will help you understand how they work, what maintenance is required, what to have tested, costs involved and where to get more information.

Bringing Home Ownership Within Reach
An overview of CMHC mortgage loan insurance, including eligibility and premiums.

An Introduction to Environmental Site Assessments
Describes in clear and non-technical language the process of conducting environmental site assessments (ESA), to determine if a site is contaminated.

Newcomer’s Guide to Canadian Housing
An updated guide for newcomers to the Canadian housing market, written in clear English, it has everything needed to understand how to rent or buy a home.

About Your House: Hiring a Home Inspector
What a detailed inspection entails and how to choose an inspector for your home.

“How to” Video Clips
you will need Windows Media Player to watch the following video files. Please read our note regarding the use of video streaming technology.
Related CMHC Information video popup informationMaintenance Videos (click)
Home buying Videos (click)
Renovation Videos   (click)

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