Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s(Open Minded)Guide: Motel/ Business For Sale.

It’s very easy to find the great motel for sale for your business or make money, Live in and pay your self by working for your self(Self Employed). A lot of motel for sale happen every year in the North America’s. All motels are offered for sale either through the Real Estate website , TV or newspaper or thru email marketing now-a-days. Many times the motel’s owner oversees Negative Cash flow with money and financial side. If the seller is selling motel which is already a profit making motel business, then it is the right opportunity for you to get big R.O.I.(Return on Investment) from the motel business.

The Demand for motels in Canada is uninterruptedly growing and we may look a number of motels are increasing in market within a Last Couple of years. Now
people are visiting more often to Canadian places on most opportunity as well as the travelers from around the world are flowing in so the requirements are
all the time high. Also an uninterrupted flow of Business Immigrants are also a big factor towards the Business Growth. So Virtually it provides an occasion and opportunity in the motel business and if the right motel is bought at the good area the high returns also get to be likely. These demands fueled by economy of your motel business is expected as usual and also seasonal.

But Caution: This Not only helps you make money in business , on the other hand this business can lead you to Family Breakups, if that motel is not making any profit to you or Negative Cash flow. The buyer should do due diligence as consequently look for the reasons why the seller is offering the Business for sale? until you do not find the Reasonable reason for the reason of Business for sale,Buyer should not begin any negotiation with the Management or seller/s.


Here is a Million Dollar Question:
“Why this motel/Business is up for sale ?”

  • Did you think the seller of the motel may tell you the correct reason? You Bet.
  • You have to find the facts from guest comment on the webpages or Professional sites or employee of motel or other connected people and suppliers too.
  • Buyer must verify and get Business Analyze thru expert in the field, rather than relying on the financial statements and Balance sheets.
  • As an Investor you may get a rough idea about the number of guests/visitors per year received by the motel that will be help you to understand the income earning potential of the motel or Vacancy Rate.
  • Look for Major Economical Obsolescence, Like because of economy of Automotive market, The south central Ontario and Region connected to that got business wiped out.Result lots of Job loss and Business shutdown in the area, tend to make the motel business completely under pressure to sell and get out of business to protect the sellers from negative cash flow.

Also, Motel business needs whole understanding and perspective of the legal requirement of the motel as required by the local by-laws, Zoning changes or
federal law of your Province and Country. Investor Buyer should consequently deal with all sort of government statues related to contract laws. Buyer should also check that the Motel for sale is not a Legal disputed , Sued by/for any specific damage, or under Lien, or construction Lien, one and all the title /deeds and documents are original and legal or P.O.A. is working towards, and it is contracted from legal owner of the business and real estate. If you and your lawyer/ Realtor are happy with the documents and causes for sale of motel, you may go ahead to enter into negotiation or deal of a Profit hatching motel business.. As you might have observed : This need an expert eye and insight of a professional Realtor as well.

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