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Ontario is the shimmering waters of more than 250,000 lakes and 100,000 km of rivers, vast tracts of towering forests, long sandy beaches and the natural wonder of Niagara Falls. Ontario’s cosmopolitan cities offer world-class entertainment, shopping and dining, and charming small towns with lots of local color. Wherever you go and whatever you do, there’s always more to discover in Ontario.

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Bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast (or B&B) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast, but usually does not offer other meals. Since the 1980s, the meaning of the term has also extended to include accommodations that are also known as “self-catering” establishments. Typically, bed and breakfasts are private homes with fewer than 10 bedrooms available for commercial use.

FOBBA defines a Bed & Breakfast as:

“An owner-occupied, private, residential dwelling that is the owners’ principal residence and in which the owner has control of the environment.  It provides temporary accommodation not exceeding 28 consecutive days, and amenities and services ancillary to guest accommodation, including the preparation and service of breakfast for an all-inclusive fee.” 

North Americans have a wide array of lodgings to choose from when they take a vacation: high-rise hotels, rustic resorts, motels by the bay. Yet more and more people are flocking to bed-and-breakfast inns, the most old-fashioned homes away from home. In Just 20 years ago, there were only few thousand B and Bs, as they are nicknamed, scattered throughout the country. Today there are more than tens of thousand serving more than 100 million guests each year.

What’s the appeal? Bed-and-breakfasts, often situated in elegant, historic homes, tap into everyone’s fantasy of living another life. Many have been lovingly renovated with period decorations, inviting visitors to step back in time. Others carry a theme throughout the house. Since on average they have only seven or eight rooms, they offer peace and quiet, a rare commodity in the average home.

The hosts, who nearly always live on the premises, provide plenty of coddling. They will recommend local attractions, help with dinner reservations, often provide an afternoon tea or glass of sherry–and, yes, prepare a delicious homemade breakfast.

Prices at bed-and-breakfasts, which average $100 to $175 a night, depending on the region, rival the rates of good hotels. While some of them B and Bs are private homes in which the owners offer a room or two, most are serious businesses, complete with websites and toll-free numbers.

The clientele tends to be couples, most of them affluent and well educated. Most are tourists or people who are in town to visit family or to celebrate a special occasion like marriage etc. Bed-and-breakfasts are popular with many foreign travelers, mostly from Britain, Germany, Canada, France and Australia, who have grown up going to B and Bs in their own countries.

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